Corporate Local Sponsorship

We understand that entrepreneurs and businesses find the Local Sponsorship concept is worrying as it would require a 51% share of the company to a UAE national. This is where Corporate Sponsorship services come into place. EZONE provides you with sponsorship services with complete peace of mind.

By partnering with us, EZONE will act as your premier corporate nominee as your 51% local sponsor in Dubai. This will give you 100% financial and operational control over your company while protecting your rights as a shareholder. Our priority is to safeguard your interests while ensuring that your business is fully compliant with the UAE Commercial Laws & Regulations. 

  • You remain the Ultimate Beneficial Owner – A legally binding Nominee Agreement will be executed between the expatriate owner & the nominee shareholder, stating the all the shares on paper are merely held in trust, and the ultimate ownership remains with the shareholder. 
  •  No Involvement in Your Business – Our corporate sponsorship grants you complete control of your business and freedom to conduct your business, with zero interference from your corporate sponsor. You will maintain complete control of the company’s voting rights. Best of all, you will retain 100% of the financial benefits.
  • Security & Protection for your Business – Unlike individual sponsorship, your business is more protected and secured by appointing a Nominee Corporate Sponsor. A legal agreement binds the local and UAE law-compliant corporate structure the ensures shareholders’ interests are free from any undue risks.
  • Protection against sponsorship withdrawal – The shareholder need not deal with or communicate with the local partner as an individual but instead will work with our team of professionals at Capital Street Corporate Services. Since a team handles your corporate sponsorship, there is never a risk of ownership issues that may arise due to an individual’s death, arrest, or early retirement.
  • Efficient documentation processing – Dealing with local sponsorship requires a great deal of documentation, ranging from the trade license issuance, visa application, bank references, and working with a corporate service provider to streamline the process, making it short and seamless. 

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