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It’s bigger than Disneyland Resort in California, and reaches far beyond the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. It’s even larger than the Principality of Monaco, which is a sovereign state on its own. The 1,083 acres, 483 hectares, 4.38 kilometers mega-sized grand development – is how massive Dubai EXPO 2020 is.

The infrastructure, architecture, lights, pavilions, stages, garden, food halls, and everything in it is truly astounding and awe-inspiring.  

Being home to unique pavilions from 192 countries for  6 months, Expo 2020 was the greatest melting pot of cultures where the world united and celebrated differences, similarities, and accomplishments under one gigantic roof. 

The record-breaking global affair ended with more than 24 million visitors from all over the world including the residents of the UAE. This was an achievement, an unforgettable legacy, for the UAE as it fulfilled its promise of giving the world a spectacular event that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Now that grand EXPO 2020 has ended in Dubai, the site will be redeveloped into District 2020 which will host numerous cultural, commercial, and residential neighborhoods. 

As of today, more than 600 startups, from the 3,000 registrations, and SMEs across distinct continents are eyeing to be the first residents of District 2020 which will open its gates in October 2022. 

 District 2020 is a legacy city. It is a “city within a city” that is sustainable, traffic-free, and environmentally friendly. Being a metropolitan hub, more than 145,000 residents and their organizations with up-and-coming businesses can establish their base there. Multinational corporations are also investing in theDistrict 2020 Entrepreneur Program” which is an admirable action by the leaders of the UAE.

Siemens, being “the Official Infrastructure Digitalization Partner for the Expo 2020”, helped Dubai “achieve its goal” by efficiently providing an “optimal balance of energy with visitor safety, security, and comfort.” 

With more than 130 buildings connected by Siemens to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Expo 2020 in Dubai became the “most digitally connected World Expo in the event’s 167-year history.”

With its global presence, the German giant – Siemens, decided to set up its operations and sign a 10-year lease agreement in District 2020. More than 1,000 employees are estimated to be at work, bringing in more revenues and jobs for the people of the UAE. 

As the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens, in the UAE and the Middle East, Dietmar Siersdorfer has stated that they are committed to “investing in the future of Dubai and the region beyond 2020.” 

Siemens establishing one of its foundations in Dubai will prove to be beneficial not only for the company but also for other businesses due to the centrality of location. Since UAE is connected to the chief countries, with Siemens as its digital partner and District 2020 supporter, it will attract new and major enterprise players in the technological and digital sectors. 

However, District 2020 is not the end goal. It is just the beginning. Once the corporate nucleus is formed in Dubai, District 2020 will transform into the 2040 Urban Plan which is a green space that holds a variety of flexible lifestyle selections such as autonomous vehicle routes, integrated pedestrian pathways, and interlinked jogging and cycling track. 

Having a bright, green, and sustainable future ahead, numerous countries are eager to launch their business projects in the District which includes a Hydrogen Innovation Center by a company in the UK and the Archeological Artifacts Preservation Center by the Italian Government. Many more exciting ventures are in place and set to open in the near future. 

The EXPO 2020 was a spectacular event with worldwide success. District 2020, its predecessor, will be no less. It will be the entrepreneurial heart of the region which will be further developed into the Urban 2040 plan where people from the global arena can come together to bring their ideas to life.  

So, what are you waiting for? At EZONE, we help you from corporate formation to execution. Don’t wait till 2040 to start your business. The right time is NOW. 

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and be one of the flourishing entrepreneurs who call Dubai their “ideal home.”  Call 800- EZONEUAE and establish your business in District 2020. 



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