A foundation continues to exist after the founder’s death, and its founder cannot own its assets. This offers the advantage of the foundation assets to be safe from third-party attacks like litigation, probate, creditors, and divorce. A foundation can be manifested as an independent legal entity separate from the founder; thus, it will enter into contracts and hold assets in its name.

Our foundation services at EZONE consist of cost-effective solutions for a range of financial planning challenges. Our services offer great flexibility for various purposes, such as wealth management, tax planning, asset preservation, family estate planning, and business succession. Our packages are economical and tailored to your business needs and requirements. We handle the whole process of legalizing a foundation held either by individuals or corporate entities. There is no requirement for the founder, council members, or beneficiaries to be UAE residents. No physical presence is required for the incorporation process. However, you should consider that a UAE resident or GCC/UAE national needs to be appointed as the authorized signatory. We advise you to maintain your foundation on an annual basis as it is economical.

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