Support Services

PRO Assistance

Every company in the UAE needs a Government Liaison Officer, also known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO. 

Corporate Local Sponsorship

We understand that entrepreneurs and businesses find the Local Sponsorship concept is worrying as it would require a 51% share of the company to a UAE national.

Corporate Structuring

The UAE has been an attractive market for companies and entrepreneurs looking to start a business due to its fast-paced and innovative regulatory environment and other benefits.

Bank Account Opening

Once your license is issued, the next essential step is to open a corporate bank account. There are several banks in the UAE the offer various services for business and industrial purposes.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We have managed several sectors, including but not limited to retail, manufacturing, international trade, hospitality, agriculture, F&B, and more.

VAT Registration & Filing

Registering your company under the VAT law implies that your business is acknowledged by the government.

ESR Filing Services

Our ESR services consist of and cover activities related to Banking Business, Insurance Business, Investment Fund management Business, Lease – Finance Busines  and more.