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Unparalleled Expertise

Having more than a decade of industry experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide entrepreneurs with the most suitable business setup options for company formation.

Clear Cut Procedures

Ensuring that every step is visible to you, we keep you in the loop at all stages through our organized approach and transparent procedures.

Comprehensive Guidance

Working with government authorities and the appropriate agencies, we give you the right advice so you are protected from wrong decisions, unwarranted delays, and hidden costs.

Dedicated Support

With our timely assistance, value-added services, and post-licensing support, we assure you that each client is given our utmost attention and support.

Cost-Effective Strategies

Through our integrated, economical, and flexible plans, our practical business strategies save you time and money that are bespoke to your business requirements.

Complete A to Z Solutions

From business setup to scale-up assistance, we provide smarter start-to-end solutions that simplify even the most complicated task and accelerate your business setup process.

Take advantage of our EZ business setup process where new opportunities await you!


Starting your business in the Dubai UAE is not as difficult as it may seem. Let our EZONE Experts guide you throughout the process and get your business off the ground in no time!

1. Consultation

2. Trade License

3. Visa Application

4. Bank Account


Any Activity, Any Jurisdiction, Any License
but not Just Any Price, Only the Right Price!

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Check out our valued client’s
success stories in their own words.
Nadine Zidani
Nadine Zidani Consultancy |
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"The best business setup company in the Dubai UAE by far! As a new entrepreneur, I was lost with the license options and did not where to start. They helped me throughout the process: great advice, excellent service, and very proactive. I felt listened to and fully supported. One year later, I have no regret: I took the right decisions for my business thanks to Ezone Team."
Charlie Ruby Baxter
Nutrition & Mindset Coach |
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"Very impressed! These guys we super professional and efficient throughout my whole business and visa set up process. Always on top of things and timelines for me. Price was reasonable too and very happy I chose this company to use. Thank you to Sam, April & Garry for being so helpful and on it constantly. Definitely recommend!"
Max Marchenko
Managing Director |
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"I want to say HUGE thanks for the guys from EZONE. They support me to open company, banks account, dubai ID and prepare everything for relocation more than 30 employees! Guys are real professionals and FuryLion much appreciate Ezone for such professional job! Additional thanks to Ivan, April and Garry!"
Dirk Brewer
Owner |
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“From start to finish Ezone staff left me speechless. I have never come across a company and its employees who are so dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and experience. They just go above and beyond to make life easier and we as a customer can sit back and relax while they do the work. Never during the entire process did u have to remind them or to follow up. Mariben the Founder, Ivan, Ailan, and Aprilyn are top class and a sample of what customer service should be all about. We are blessed to be associated with E-Zone. We'll done EZONE. Keep up the amazing work.”

Leslie De Los Santos
Managing Partner |
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“We incorporated our production license with another business setup company but moved to EZONE and we have no regrets. We are very happy with our decision to work with EZONE; not only do they offer practical and transparent pricing (no hidden fees!), but they also provide honest and valuable business advice. Their input and guidance have been invaluable to us; having been affected by the pandemic, their no-nonsense words helped us navigate through those challenging times and here we are, not only able to stay afloat but become stronger than ever. The ‘human’ touch they incorporate into the treatment of their clients not only has a profound effect on our business; it also spills over to us as individuals, and we are inspired to emulate this with others as well.”



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