Socially and environmentally conscious investment

Envision being part of an initiative that works towards sustainability and biodiversity. An initiative that combines the development of your business with the growth of the ecosystem. Imagine planting a thousand trees in every part of the world while sitting in the comfort of your home and saving the planet at the same time. All this is made possible with EZONE.

EZONE is more than just a business setup company in dubai. We are made up of a socially responsible team that is working towards environmentally sustainable solutions through its Plant It Forward Initiative. As the world continues to have millions of acres of forest depleted annually, we started this initiative where every client is given the opportunity to gift back to nature.

Charitable Global Giving

EZONE’s Plant-It-Forward Initiative aims to bring communities together where entrepreneurs are able to contribute to the restoration of the environment through our company. By setting up a business with EZONE, you can preserve nature and be part of the green evolutionary movement.

With your business, you can create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that paves the way for not only business but environmental development. This is made possible through the One Billion Tree Initiative (OBTI) which collaborates with 21 NGOs from 21 different countries all over the world.

Through this program, EZONE can expand its initiative globally and incorporate tree planting as part of every company’s mission. It is one powerful gesture in favor of nature.

Each tree that is planted has a meaning. It has a unique story. The kind of tree, when it was planted, who planted it, and why it was planted, matters. Connecting to the EcoMatcher, the world’s first digital tree-planting platform, you can know every tree’s sustainable story.

You can identify the location of your tree through the TreeChain ID and travel virtually to see them through your phones. Even name your tree and talk to it to know about its journey.

Not only plant one tree but many trees under your name and create a whole forest. You can grow your business and thrive in nature through our initiative. It is true that the core of every business is a healthy planet.

As a form of gratitude to our valuable clients who have set up their businesses with us, we have planted more than 100 trees in the Middle East and Southeast Asia under their name. And the numbers continue to increase every day.

For every business that is set up, a tree is planted. We are not only creating a corporate ecosystem with our services but also an environmental network where every entrepreneur and community from every part of the world is supported.

With our initiative, we sustain numerous farmers and their families globally. There is no better way to give back to the entrepreneurs, communities, and to the environment than with our Plant- It-Forward Initiative.

With each tree planted, we are not only saving the environment but growing our business together. As the tree grows, so do we. We become part of a bigger movement that encompasses our growth and development.

Today, we plant one tree, and tomorrow billion more. Today, we set up one business, and tomorrow a billion more. The more businesses we set up, the more trees are planted. The more trees are planted, a whole forest is created. A cleaner and greener community is coming to life.

It’s time to gift back to nature. Grow your business with us and be part of our Plant-It-Forward Initiative. Call 800-EZONEUAE to BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION and find out how you can make a difference.

Empowering green footprints,
one company at a time.

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