8 Reasons Why Dubai is the Ideal Investment Destination

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Mariben Christine Eustaquio

Mariben is the Founder and Managing Director of EZONE. Being an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges of starting and maintaining a business and is an advocate of entrepreneurship for all. She encourages new entrepreneurs and supports existing entrepreneurs throughout their business journey.

Ezone Dubai

A Global Business Hub 

Dubai’s strategic location midway between the East and the West provides opportunities for international trade to flourish and for people to move easily across countries.


Tax Incentives 

The UAE’s government offers attractive tax incentives to companies doing business in the country. There are currently no foreign exchange controls, trade barriers, and no personal or corporate taxes.


Multiculturalism & Diversity

There is a very large expatriate community in the UAE with a fusion of over 200 nationalities that live together in diversity and respect, giving businesses access to an incredibly talented and creative workforce. 


Safety & Security 

Dubai’s ranking of 1st on 11 indicators on Personal Safety in the Safe Index validates its commitment to prioritize the safety and security of its residents and tourists alike. 


Ease of Doing Business 

The UAE is ranked number 1 regionally and number 10 globally among 190 economies in the Ease of Doing Business Index. 100% full foreign ownership on mainland companies and a variety of over 40 free zones encourage and support investment across all industries.


Modern Infrastructure 

Not only is Dubai dominated by architectural landmarks, it is also home to the world’s busiest airport and most advanced roads and transportation infrastructure. Moreover, Dubai’s advanced technological infrastructure and high innovation levels are central to its attractiveness.


Equal Opportunity

The UAE Constitution encourages equality, freedom, respect, and nondiscrimination which is why it is a nation of tolerance. No matter what your race, nationality, religion, or beliefs, as long as you have the grit and perseverance, you can achieve success. 


Quality of Life

Being an expatriate living in a country with a booming economy, constant economic expansions, and unlimited opportunities for business offers a potential for an unprecedented lifestyle. 

The government’s unparalleled support backed by a combination of a clear vision and wise leadership pertaining to the development of the nation’s business environment has further encouraged entrepreneurs looking to invest in Dubai’s thriving economy. 

If you’re looking to expand your business or are looking to start a new venture in the United Arab Emirates – Congratulations! Your Business Matters to us, so our Business Setup Advisors at EZONE are available for any questions or direction you may require on this business journey. 



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