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Mariben Christine Eustaquio

Mariben is the Founder and Managing Director of EZONE. Being an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges of starting and maintaining a business and is an advocate of entrepreneurship for all. She encourages new entrepreneurs and supports existing entrepreneurs throughout their business journey.

Dubai first announced the initiative of issuing Remote Working Visas in October 2020 allowing entrepreneurs and employees who meet certain requirements to live and work in the emirate for at least a year and to enjoy the benefits of a UAE resident such as housing, banking, telecoms, education, and healthcare – to name a few. 

With the United Arab Emirates being ranked the second most resilient nation in Covid19 response in global rankings, digital nomads, freelancers, & entrepreneurs have relocated to the UAE to not only enjoy the safe & quality living conditions but to also take advantage of its attractive business environment. 

Not surprisingly, the combined effect of the pandemic and lower oil prices has resulted in a decrease in Dubai’s cost of living in 2021. Dubai ranked #23 in Mercer’s 26th annual Cost of Living Survey for 2020 (dropping two places from last year’s ranking), making living in Dubai more affordable than ever. 

Dubai’s initiative coincides with the global shift in working patterns as more and more companies are slowly shifting to a remote working arrangement post-Covid. Furthermore, it allows expats to come and live in Dubai without the risk of leaving their secure jobs abroad. 


What are the Requirements for the Dubai Remote Working Visa?

1. Physical Presence in the UAE at the time of application

2. Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity

3. For Entrepreneurs/Business Owners: 

  • Proof of Company ownership abroad for a minimum of one year;
  • Average net monthly income of US$5,000 per month and at least three (3) months bank statements to illustrate this.

4. For Employees:

  • A proof of employment from a current employer with a contract of at least one year validity;
  • A minimum of US$5,000 per month net salary and the last three months bank statements to illustrate this.

5. A valid Health insurance with UAE coverage


What are the timelines for the Dubai Remote Working Visa? 

  • Entry Permit– Approx. 5 business days
  • Visa Status Change – 2 business days
  • Medical & Emirates ID – 2 business days
  • Residence Visa Processing – 5 business days 


What are the approximate costs for the Dubai Remote Working Visa?

Government Fees – AED 2,300/USD 620

Processing Fees – AED 1,200/USD 330

Total Fees – AED 3,500/USD 950

Dubai is a top contender for best cities to live in for expats with its quality, multicultural, and laid back yet affordable living conditions. Dubai’s initiative reinforces its competitiveness as a global destination by providing a wide variety of investment opportunities and diversity of lifestyle choices for expatriates – both residents and visitors over the coming years. 

Thinking of moving to Dubai? Our EZONE team can assist you with obtaining your Dubai Remote Working Visa, along with the visas of your dependents if required. Contact us for more information on how we can support your move to the UAE. 



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