How It All Began

Started in 2021, EZONE as a business Setup Consultants In Dubai that offers bespoke solutions to entrepreneurs from diverse industries across the world. As one of the most reliable business setup providers, entrepreneurs can move forward with the vision and establish themselves as reputable company in the UAE.

Our team of specialists understands the struggles of starting a business in the UAE and aims to provide a seamless journey. We share our first-hand advice and offer a hand-holding approach from an entrepreneurial perspective to guide them throughout the process.

Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship for all. We want to simplify the setup process and give them the best options. We believe that setting up a company is not about the sale of a product. It is about creating a unique experience.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise, are geared toward making it easier for small, medium and large enterprises who wish to set up or expand their base in the UAE. From consultation to execution, clarity is of the essence.

That is what makes us stand out from the rest – our after-setup support, transparent procedures and guidance precise system.

Our Promise

Setting up a company does not need to be expensive or have a tedious process. Our bespoke solutions can help you jumpstart your business in no time and take hold of the pool of opportunities in the UAE.

We not only focus on setting up your business but also provide you with added support services that are part of our integrated ecosystem which will make working with EZONE a breeze. Welcoming every entrepreneur and business owner, EZONE is made to realize visions.

To ensure an unmatched business setup experience, EZONE upholds the values of trust, reliability, transparency and service excellence. These values have continuously accelerated our growth and guided us in the achievement of our goals.

What Sets Us Apart


We work closely with our clients and create a bond of trust by supporting their vision from start to end.


We proactively communicate with our clients and fulfill all our commitments by adhering to specific procedures and guidelines.


We are transparent in all our procedures, provide accurate information, and disclose all the steps through our organized structural process.

Client Experience

We ensure client satisfaction by providing an exceptional experience through our omnichannel approach that ensures seamless transactions.

Service Excellence

We exceed client expectations by setting a professional standard that aims at providing excellent service delivery through client growth and long-term relations.

Our Vision

To support entrepreneurship for ALL.

Our Mission

To provide realistic and economical business solutions for every entrepreneur.

Our Purpose

EZONE provides you with business set-up advice on an entrepreneurial level by understanding your unique needs and providing you with personalized, unbiased, and cost-effective solutions to incorporate your business in the UAE.

We believe that understanding your needs and the nature of your business is the key to supporting you throughout your business journey. Your business matters to us.

Why Us

With more than a decade of industry knowledge and first-hand experience, we create comprehensive start-to-end business setup solutions that have helped many UAE businesses – from administrative, and technical, to financial aspects – establish themselves in the UAE.

You can be assured that our Business Setup Consultants are there to help scale up your business without going through any hassle or stress of incorrect business advice.

At EZONE, our focus is not just on setting up your business but on creating meaningful business relationships with you.

Our Team 

Our passionate and innovative team of experts at EZONE is driven to turn your vision into reality through the successful incorporation of your company.

We work together as a unified team to provide you with a great level of service.

Our solid foundation and resilient relations are a global testament to our credibility in the industry.

“Since I am an entrepreneur, I believe in other entrepreneurs. I believe in what they are doing. That is why I encourage everyone to look beyond and aim for financial freedom. Through EZONE, I’m grateful that I have the ability to build awareness among people and create an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to develop their potential and explore different opportunities.”
– Mariben Tan Eustaquio, EZONE Founder & Managing Director

Our Clients

As a customer-centric organization, we strive for excellence in all our services. Our clients come first and when we set up their business in the UAE, we aspire for their growth, ensuring our timely fulfillment of all the commitments accordingly they can focus on what matters to them the most.

As our clients are from different parts of the world, we guide them through every step of the way. By taking ownership of every situation, we provide you with the right solutions so you can get your business off to a great start.