Women of Today: Still Running the World

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Women empower women. To empower a woman is to let her be herself. It is to enable her to do things on her own while giving her the support that will enable her to go beyond her limits. It is inspiring her to venture into entrepreneurship or the workforce in order for her to be independent and self-sufficient. 

In the 2021 BLS Report, the percentage of women in the labor force increased from 57.1% to 57.4%. Although the change may be small, women are slowly climbing and conquering the corporate world.  

When they feel empowered, they empower other women and rise together.


Women are still evolving and learning. By ensuring that they receive quality education without discrimination, they are achieving gender equality.  They are adapting to all that is new while shedding all that is old. They are paving the way for change and learning to become the change. 

The evolution is evident.  In 1975, there was a huge gap in the adult literacy rate, men being 54% and women being 32%. Now, both genders’ literacy rates are close to 95%. 

With education, they are becoming role models of the future generation. They are establishing their voice and pushing their boundaries for a better life.


Women are always giving and loving beyond measure. They go beyond themselves to help each other. They live their passions, no matter how difficult it may be, and encourage others to live theirs. 

Although many women may find it hard to achieve work-life balance, one step a day in the right direction gets them to the place they want to be in their professional and personal life. 

As Laureen Seeger, the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of American Express has said “you can have a full life and a great career, but you can’t have it all perfectly.” As a mother of 5 children, she believes that you can love yourself, your life, and all the people in it by setting your priorities straight. The truth is that no one is perfect and the moment every woman accepts each other’s flaws, they are able to not judge and treat each other with kindness. 


Women are still fighting for the upliftment of their rights. They are fighting against discrimination, inequality, injustice, racism, conformist mindset, outdated beliefs, inappropriate standards, etc. They are not giving up and are persistently striving towards their goals. 

In reality, the World Bank Report of 2022 stated that from a legal perspective out of 195 countries only 12 countries in the world offer full legal rights protection to women. Some of these countries like France, Spain, Canada, and Portugal are inviting other nations to join their fight against women’s injustice. 

Despite few countries being part of the complete protection list, many other nations are taking part in it and supporting the equal rights of women. They are paving the way for the respect and recognition of women. With unity and trust, women are mounting all the way through to protect each other’s rights to have a secure life.  


 Women are still shining through. According to Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, when women are “investing in other women, celebrating their successes and elevating “lesser-known voices” they become part of the Shine Initiative, also known as the Shine Theory, where “if you shine then I shine “kind of mindset. 

When women are supporting, accepting, and respecting each other’s differences, they are amplifying one another to do better. They encourage each other to pursue their desires and are proud of each one’s achievement.

They are a force to be reckoned with.


 This is the power of women supporting women. At EZONE, we celebrate every woman and thank them for still running the world. For them to start their business journey, we create ways for them to accomplish their goals and reach their destination.

From business setup services to visa processing, we promote women entrepreneurs and prepare bespoke solutions for them. To get to know more about how we can empower each other, please sign up for our FREE Consultation.



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