EZONE: The Plant It Forward Initiative From One Tree to A Whole Forest

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Trees have a superpower that begins from one tiny seed that can grow to multitude of trees, cleaning the air, cooling the environment, and fighting global warming for our present and future generations. Trees can nourish families and nurture communities. 

They not only make the earth a better place for us to live in, but they represent resilience, strength, and tenacity. They signify change and are a symbol of growth. Looking at how valuable trees are, why wouldn’t we want to plant more of them? 

Imagine going outside and planting a thousand trees in every part of the world while sitting in the comfort of our home. Envision being part of an initiative that works towards sustainability and biodiversity that combines the development of our business and the ecosystem.  

By setting up a business with EZONE, we can preserve the environment and be part of the green movement. EZONE is more than just a business setup company. EZONE is made of a socially responsible team that is working towards environmentally sustainable solutions. 

As the world continues to have millions of acres of forest depleted annually, EZONE started the Plant-It-Forward Initiative where every client is given the opportunity to gift back to nature. It is one powerful gesture in favor of nature.

EZONE’s Plant-It-Forward Initiative aims to bring communities together where entrepreneurs are able to contribute to the restoration of the environment by setting up their businesses with us. They can create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that paves the way for a sustainable evolution.

By supporting the One Billion Tree Initiative (OBTI) and collaborating with 21 NGOs from 21 different countries, EZONE is able to expand the initiative globally and incorporate tree planting as part of every company’s mission. 

The truth is that at the core of every business is a healthy planet. Each tree that is planted has a meaning. It has a unique story. The kind of tree, when it was planted, and who planted it matters.

By connecting to EcoMatcher, the world’s first digital tree-planting platform, we can know every tree’s sustainable story. We can identify the location of the tree through the TreeChain ID and travel virtually to see them through our phones. We can even name and talk to them to know about their journey.


As a form of gratitude to our valuable clients, we have planted more than 100 trees in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and continue increasing the numbers each and every day. 

With our initiative, we have provided an avenue of support to numerous farmers and their families from all over the world. What better way to give back to the communities, and to the environment than with our Plant-It-Forward Initiative. 

With every tree planted, we not only save the environment but grow our business together.  

Today, we plant one tree, tomorrow a billion more. Today, we set up one business, tomorrow a billion more. The more businesses that we set up, the more trees are planted. A cleaner and greener community is formed. A whole forest is created. 

 It’s time to gift back to nature. Grow your business with us and be part of our Plant-It-Forward Initiative. Call 800-EZONEUAE to BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION and find out how you can make a difference.



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